Who We are
ITPMG is a consulting services company that focuses on transforming our clients into high-performance businesses. Combined with new innovative methodologies, processes and our virtual network of consulting resources, we also have developed a new approach to delivering these services that significantly alters the cost/valuation of consulting services.

Delivering a New Paradigm In Consulting Services
ITPMG recognizes a need in the marketplace to deliver a significantly different service--one that delivers true value. We have designed our beliefs, our strategic plans, our structure, and all our processes to fill this need.

Starting with a focus on driving improved business performance, our service offerings, methodologies, processes, and virtual resource team are all designed around helping our clients rethink their approach to management decision making.

With a network of experienced consultants who have years of insights and experiences, ITPMG has developed the experience necessary to develop effective strategies that not only work, but also enhance company performance.

The use of methodologies and technologies and a team of virtual experienced consultants allow us to offer these services to our clients at a significant savings versus other consulting firms.

All of client interactions are supported by a quality assurance process. This coupled with the savings that we pass along to our clients ensure the utmost in client satisfaction.

Our Vision
All businesses regardless of size must have the skills needed when and where they want them to optimize and sustain their performance if they are going to compete in the market today and in the future.

Our Mission
To provide knowledge, advice and actionable recommendations to organizations and assist them in optimizing and sustaining their performance through the use of highly experienced, skilled consultants.

Our Goal
To become the leading provider of affordable consulting services that delivers world class personalized actionable recommendations to businesses regardless of size.

Our Strategy
We will provide world class, affordable consulting services delivered by a virtual team of highly skilled and experienced consultants and channel partners to businesses who need/want them.

Our Target Market
Small and medium businesses needing to optimize performance through the use of affordable, world class consulting services and large enterprises needing experiential based consulting focused on actionable recommendations.
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